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Why Are Our Lives Out of Balance?

Every where you look today, you see people that struggle to create a sensible work/life balance.

This doesn’t just happen overnight. At first, maybe you decide to spend a little extra time at your job or career, figuring that if you put in the extra time now it will pay off later. After a few years of doing this, you may find yourself logging crazy hours in a never-ending pursuit of some business-related goal. You figure that you have already spent so many years devoting more time to work than free time that it doesn’t make any sense to change your regular routine now.

On the other side of the coin, perhaps you adopt the attitude that there is always tomorrow. You’ll devote more time to your business, career or job in the future. None of us are guaranteed another minute on this planet, and with that mindset, you devote all your energy to working as little as possible and enjoying no-responsibility free time whenever you can. The years pass, and you end up having to work two jobs to keep up with your mounting bills, and your cherished free time has all but disappeared.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, 9-to-5 employee, business owner or freelancer, there are probably times when you struggle with balancing your work activities and personal time. May aim is to help you achieve the work/life balance you’ve been looking for.

You will get started by thinking about and listing your priorities, then diligently and honestly tracking everything you spend your time on each day. You will learn steps proven to help you avoid procrastination, and the smart way to set boundaries in your life so you maximize both your career and personal lives.

You will discover ways to carve out time for what matters to you, as well as self-care tips and best practices so you can state mentally and physically healthy enough to fully participate and enjoy your free time and work experiences.

Tomorrow we will be taking a look at your priorities.

Let’s get started creating a healthy work/life balance by taking a look at your priorities.


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