Career Storytelling

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Step by step instructions on how to confidently present yourself and your achievements in a business environment and overcome your imposter syndrome. You are going to tell your personal career stories. This course is ideal for ambitious women who want to progress in their careers but are annoyed because it seems everyone else gets promoted. Ambitious women who no longer want to be stuck in the hamster wheel and want to know what to do next to accelerate their careers.

What you will learn:

You learn to define your personal brand, how to create and finetune your Brand mantra, and how to set up your network strategically.  Your new personal branding will also be reflected in your online presence. At the end of the 4-week course, you will master your personal pitch speech to present yourself as the inspiring, successful, and convincing person you are and get the attention you deserve.

Katharina Engelhardt
Business Mentor for Women

My education started in the apparel industry, we were all women. Now after 25years in the industry I am a department head in DAX company. I find myself in meetings surrounded by men.

Most women do not say what they want this is the reason why they do not get what they want. SHOW UP!