Hi – I am Katharina

My career formula in short – Work smart – Show Up! – Be yourself!
Now the long version:

I am passionate about yoga, women in leadership positions and – of course – my family.

Here are some facts for you to get to know me better:

I am a mother of two teenage girls: They keep me energized and rooted.

I am happily married:
My husband makes me feel complete and loved.

I am an experienced yoga teacher with focus on breathwork and YinYoga.
This keeps me flexible and mindful.

I am a department head at an international company:
This keeps me engaged and focused.

I am part of the local Zonta team:
This helps me to mirror my views and strengthens my network.

I found ways to balance my work-life and to turn my career dreams into reality!

I have been raised with the understanding, that men and women are equal. However, during most of my career I have experienced, that often men with family were taking up the leadership positions while women with family often got stuck between career and family.
Even as I have succeeded in my career, I experienced a lot of bias concerning the roles of men and women in raising kids. Especially the difference of many colleagues at work being happy for me when I got pregnant, but afterwards voicing out loud their amazement about me working full time after my kids were born was an eye-opener for me.

I found ways to balance my work-life and to turn my career dreams into reality! The game changer was an advice I got early in my career.
First advice: Don’t work hard – work smart! Second: No one can read your mind you need to say what you want – Show Up! And last: Always be yourself!

Here I am going to share with you my doses of inspiration and tipps so that you can turn your career dreams into reality!